Our Mission is to help cemeteries & crematoria work smarter...

             ...Our Goal is to protect deceased records everafter. 


PlotBox (www.plotboxit.com)

PlotBox is a cost-effective and scalable cloud software system designed to simplify the control of cemeteries and crematoria. This software solution spans all segments of the industry from small rural graveyards to large scale operational sites.

Discovereverafter.com (Brand New website coming soon)

This website is the genealogy portal for the PlotBox platform where deceaesd records are displayed for family history research. 


View our short video below for a summary of what we do:





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It's hard to image now how we have managed for so long without such a survey. I see it as an indi...
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Thank you so much for a great site it has been marvellous being able to find my ancestors keep up the good work.
Caz Brannan Read more