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I recently arranged through Leona and Ryan to have flowers and a note placed at my newly-discovered family's site at Dougher Cemetery. I am so deeply grateful for the incredible service that was provided to me by Leona and Ryan. The silk flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and the note that I had typed had, in turn, been handwritten, and placed in a protective transparent covering and attached to the flowers, which were then placed at the family site at the Dougher Cemetery. Four beautiful pictures were taken of the flowers and note in front of the headstone, and then e-mailed to me, thousands of miles away. Leona and Ryan couldn't possibly have been more kind, professional or helpful, every step of the way. This is an amazing, thoughtful service that Leona and Ryan offer. As I live thousands of miles away, I knew that I would not be able to visit there myself in my lifetime. This was deeply meaningful to me, and I am so appreciative of Leona and Ryan, who deserve highest possible praise. Thank you so very, very much! My very best to you ... Karen
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