Tamlaght Dead Island - Old Burial Ground - Killeen


In Drumoolish Bog near Tamlaght O’Crilly. A Killeen (cillín=little church) or burial place for stillborn and unbaptised children.

In a bog with good to excellent views all round. The site is described in the OS memoir as "In Drumoolish bog...there stands a small island composed of blackish clay. It is oval, 60 x 25 yards & approaching a convex from the base to the top which stands c.5ft higher than the tract of bog by which it is surrounded...it is called Dead Island in consequence of being a burial ground for still born & unbaptised children...". The site survives as a height in the bog, impenetrably overgrown with trees, making it impossible to survey the site. There have been no burials on the site in living memory.

 (Northern Ireland Sites & Monuments Record http://apps.ehsni.gov.uk/ambit/Details.aspx?MonID=12778)

There is no Interactive Map or List of Deceased for this Burial Ground. Further information on Dead Island is available in our Library documents.

Tamlaght Dead Island - Old Burial Ground - Killeen
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Parish / Church: Tamlaght O'Crilly
Council: Magherafelt District Council


Tamlaght O'Crilly
County Co. Derry/Londonderry