Bellaghy 'Killeen Annagheena' Burial Ground


This site is described in the OS memoirs as "In Ballydermot island locally called Anagheena...a circular shape, c.1 English acre...the summit stands 10ft higher than the surface of the is locally said to be a very gentle place & partly occupied as a burial ground for stillborn children". This site has now been built on with houses & sheds - the house is called Annagheena. No remains were found when building the house. The site survived as a large height in lowlying ground, c.1 acre in size. At SE it stood 2.5-3m above the exterior field surface. It appears to be a natural feature reused as a killeen - a burial place for unbaptised children.

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Bellaghy 'Killeen Annagheena' Burial Ground
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Parish / Church: Ballyscullion
Council: Magherafelt District Council


County Co. Derry/Londonderry