Draperstown Moydamlaght Burial Ground


The OS memoirs record a "fort or ancient burial ground... circular, 40yds in diam." But even as early as 1836 it had largely been removed & all that was visible were "two ancient thorns that stood on the parapet." The account continues that "from time to time in the last 20 years there were graves & some human skulls & other bones.. got beneath it surface". Many of the locals in 1836 though the site was that "on which the old church of Ballynascreen was first commenced to be built", but "invisible agents" destroyed the work each night so the church was moved (?to Ballynure - see Ldy 035:017). The site can not now be located.

(Northern Ireland Sites & Monuments Record http://apps.ehsni.gov.uk/ambit/Details.aspx?MonID=12814)

There is no Interactive Map or List of Deceased for this burial ground.

Draperstown Moydamlaght Burial Ground
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Parish / Church: Ballynascreen
Council: Magherafelt District Council


County Co. Derry/Londonderry