St. Augustine's Church of Ireland, Grand Parade, Londonderry


The church site was once called God's Little Acre, indicating a much larger graveyard but it  now sits in an area of one quarter of an acre.

In 1196, Muircertach Mac Lochlainn, High King of Ireland was ‘honourably interred’ at the Dub Regles (previous name of St. Augustine's) and it has been a sacred place since Columba founded his first and most beloved abbey at this spot  in 546.

Many of the gravestone, some of which predate the Siege, are illegible and others have been placed against the South wall to aid their preservation.

The oldest gravestone is that of Richard Carrec, an Elizabethan soldier, who died circa 1609 and this can be seen in the Church porch. The McCombe Stone dating  from 1689 is embedded in the Church and has a motif of the Red Hand of Ulster.

Many important people lie within the graveyard, all with a fascinating story to tell of their roles in the building of our city.

This register of gravestones is a combination of information recorded in May 1979 amalgamated with a new survey carried out July 2012, which was funded by Tourism Development, Derry City Council.  

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the resultant deterioration and change in position of some memorials since 1979 necessitates the acknowledgement of the possibility of inaccuracies in the data presented.

St. Augustine's Church of Ireland, Grand Parade, Londonderry
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