We have a range of services on offer to meet the needs of all segments of the industry, from the small rural graveyard right up to the large-scale operational sites. 

We are experts in cemetery mapping and rapid data capture. This expertise combined with our new user friendly software offers organisations the opportunity to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and generate revenue. 

PlotBox is a cost-effective scalable cloud solution which simplifies the control and management of cemeteries and crematoria.

With a unique mapping solution at the heart of it, PlotBox is specifically designed around the work-flow and processes of cemeteries and crematoriums. 

We offer an ideal platform Community Groups who want to preserve the valuable information held by their burial ground but who are faced with the reality of a tight budget. We have a 'lite' software package for Parishes and the full software package is designed to meet the needs of Local Authority and privately owned cemeteries and crematoria where there is a need for a more functionally rich solution. 

Please visit www.plotboxit.com for further details.  


  • Topographical cemetery surveys incl. aerial imagery

  • Future Plot Design & onsite consultation

  • Record Amalgamation with existing parish burial books/records
  •  Burial Detection

  • Headstone photography & transcription

  • Outdoor wall mounted display board (map only)

  •  Free standing display board (map & burial records)

  • Dimensions map of future plot design

  • Onsite marking out of future burial plots 



  • Multiple diary booking schedule

  • Deceased record management

  • Deed ownership management

  • Memorial permits management

  • Memorial risk assessment management

  • Manage payments and accounts

  • High level reporting functionality

  • Grounds Staff portal

  • Memorial mason's portal

  • Funeral Director's Portal

  • Genealogy Portal (discovereverafter.com)


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